The Parisian quartet Heliogabale was created in 1992.
After their jaw-dropping tours of Italy and England, Heliogabale signed with their first label (Agony) in1995 and released the full-length, “Yolk”, followed by the EP “To Pee”, as well as drawing the attention of and working with other folks (Sasha sang on “My dancing days are gone” by Cornershop (split with Prohibition)).

In 1996, Heliogabale appeared as a key member in the PUSH collective (Heliogabale, Sister Iodine, Prohibition, Purr, Port Radium, Dragibus…), the rehearsal/recording studio where they still currently reside.

Around the same time, Sasha Andres participated in the project “Morceaux Choisis”, singing renditions of songs by Brigitte Fontaine and Serge Gainsbourg accompanied by Steve Argueles, Benoit Delbecq and Noël Akchoté’s Recyclers.

In 1997, Heliogabale met Steve Albini (producer of Nirvana, PJ Harvey, Breeders…), who’s support of the band led to the recording of their LP, “The full mind is alone the clear”, recorded at Albini’s Electrical Audio Studio (Chicago) in August 1997. This album received great reviews in both France and abroad: “Incendiary flood, venomous counting rhymes or mutant blues,’The full mind is alone the clear’ spins its web. Constantly changing its skin, it submerges us in a tactile world with feedback, breaths, buzz and throbs going through its vibrating universe“.
(Roland Slapolemick).

After a long tour in Europe supporting the album, the band returned to Paris to compose new music. In November of ’98, an Italian tour with Purr brought the band to Sicily where they received a hearty welcome after Steve Albini had presented them as an important musical reference. Sasha Andres also joined Prohibition on their American tour for a few shows where they ‘opened up for themselves’ playing covers of Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Fontaine. During this period Sasha also recorded an album with Stephen Prina (Red Crayola) and David Grubbs (Gastr Del Sol) for the French label Rectangle and participated in ” Au bordel ” released in Winter & Winter (1998).

From the end of ’98 till June ’99, Heliogabale holed-up at PUSH to finish the songs for their new album, “MOBILE HOME”, which was produced and engineered by Al Sutton (Don Caballero, Today’s The Day, etc.) in August ’99 in Paris. It reveals a new orientation for the band, with more minimalist and atmospheric constructions. Sasha Andres revealed an amazing melodic approach that hadn’t been seen before, and for one peice, Heliogabale, joined with musicians Eugene Rodinson from Oxbow and Lorichonberg from Purr.