Wilfried* has been writing and recording songs since 1990 and has first been known through 45’s and compilations. He has kept himself out of the spotlight so far, it was in order to prepare secretly many albums. It is not by total random then to hear that his first tapes and records were sold in a very tiny net of fans at shows, in the early 90’s featuring on the same tapes than Katerine, Dominque A, Anne Laplantine and many others.
We could compare his work to a young Serge Gainsbourg or Philippe Katerine under the influence of LOFI American maestro Daniel Johnston. And finally in 2002 Wilfried* completed his beautiful first colored album.

He writes fluent English and French lyrics and the Japanese and English audience felt in love with his frenchy accent. His 45’s “Central Park” (on his own label Chlorophylle 1998) and “La perspective…” (Ubik 1999) got a real success and were rapidly sold out. He seems to make part of an imaginary community of singers, somewhere between Anne Laplantine, Smog, Vincent Gallo.

As Label mate Nicolas Laureau explains : “We discovered Wilfried in 1994, and always had the wish to release some of his albums. Now, we work together, we know each other very well and have a good exchange on the artistic point of view. It is now exciting to release this first real album, that reveals the great talent and diversity of one of the most atypical French singer. For “Songs for mum & dad”, Wilfried* made the choice of working home, in the most absolute intimacy facing his computer and instruments. He was helped by producer F.lor (mixing, recording). He also invited many musicians : Anne Laplantine, O.lamm, Gel:, David Ivar Herman Dune, André Herman Dune, Flop, F.lor… The voice of Wilfried* recalls the sweetness of Brazilian singer Caetano Veloso and floats on canvass of sparkling music, sometimes shifting from really 80’s arrangements to woody pop songs. This is Wilfried*, always evoluating, always surprising, always moving.