Prohibition – 14 Ups and Downs LP Reissue

PRO 054 – LP / Digital
Release date : APRIL 18th, 2015
Special LP re-issue for the 20th anniversary. New artwork, download coupon and 3 bonus tracks. The return?
“Parisian Anglophone quartet Prohibition have the smack of Morphine about them, but with more varied instrumentation. There are also echoes of the down’n’dirty side of Back Door. The style is more fractured than either, though. Rhytms stutter, riffs stumble, melodic lines loll across terse, telegraphic lyrics, textures glower darkly as they are slashed by obsreperous shards of powerchording. These 14 tracks add up to 47 accomplished minutes of intense songs mingled with insistent instrumentals, and the programming is nicely judged, consistently building the tension and density without reaching saturation point.
(THE WIRE, 1998)