Atiqullah Amiri & Nicolas Laureau – L’Antenne Des Lilas EP

Afghan singer Atiqullah Amiri and musician/producer Nicolas Laureau met in Pantin (Paris suburb) in 2022, when Nicolas was working as a volunteer in a solidarity collective (Pantin Solidaire) on the so-called Cheval Noir (Black Horse) cam. in Pantin. Once, during a demonstration organized by the collective, Atiqullah took the microphone, revealing his talents as a singer and arousing strong emotion. A year later, the two artists met again in Nicolas’ studio to record the fruit of a collaboration, mixing Afghan classics (in Dari) and cinematographic, electronica and psychedelic music. F/LOR second thinking head of Prohibited Records and electronic/contemplative artist adds a remix of Cheval Noir II as a bonus track.

Video « Cheval Noir I »