Don Nino collector 45 is now available on Ouvré !

Here comes Don Nino collector 45 on Ouvré, with the songs “Oh Small World” and “Alone With The Sun”.
Available at Ouvré Bandcamp

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In The Canopy, first video for Don Nino’ new album

Don Nino announces shows in France.

Here come the first confirmed shows for Don Nino “Rhapsody For The Dead Butterflies” solo tour :

13/03/2019 : MONTREUIL – Les Instants Chavirés (Ouvré Night)
29/03/2019 : PARIS – Souffle Continu
12/04/2019 : BRUXELLES – Le Chaff
13/04/2019 : LILLE – Quelque Part Records
14/04/2019 : LILLE – L’Estaminet du Pont
16/04/2019 : TOULOUSE – DAda
17/04/2019 : MONTPELLIER – Le Black Out
18/04/2019 : SOMMIERES – Grenier à Sel
03/05/2019 : BIARRITZ – Pioche Project
04/05/2019 : BARCUS / BARKOXE – Ecole de La Chapelle
05/05/2019 : LE MANS – House show (orga. Teriaki)
and more to be confirmed…

Don Nino tour

F/LOR back for shows in France.

F/LOR aka Fabrice Laureau announces shows in France with a new set up :
07 Fev : TOULOUSE / daDa
14 Fev : DIJON / Le Consortium
13 Mars : MONTREUIL / Les Instants Chavirés (Ouvré Night)
+ Jérome Lorichon & Quentin Rollet + Don Nino tickets

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Don Nino new single song : Another Sleepless Night !

Don Nino speaks : “September of 2016, by night, in the little house near the woods, where I record, a night birds concert, spiders, slugs. And finally a dream.”
Another Sleepless Night, is the new single song taken from the forthcoming album « Rhapsody For The Dead Butterflies ». Out today.
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Ouvré, F/lor, Jérôme Lorichon & Quentin Rollet, Don Nino at Instants Chavirés

We are glad to announce the first Ouvré night at Instants Chavirés March 13th of 2019, with records (CD’s, 45’s) and shows by F/LOR, JEROME LORICHON & QUENTIN ROLLET and DON NINO. Ouvré is F/lor are Fabrice Laureau handcrafted record label.

Don Nino premier extrait !

Here comes the first single out of DON NINO’s “Rhapsody For The Dead Butterflies”, to be released March 29th of 2019. The song is called “No Yin No Jing”.


We are glad to announce the creation of Ouvré, a handcrafted record label by Fabrice Laureau. In French ”Ouvré” means handcrafted. It’s a new label/imprint putting out limited edition records. All is hand assembled using real photo prints and 250g quality acid-free cardboard papers. All is hand shaped, hand colored, hand cut, hand fold, hand marked. A craftmen’s studio more than a factory. Somewhere inspired by Wabi-Sabi and the art of Kintsugi where taking time to (re)make an object is important. Where each object will then be inevitably slightly different. First release available : Artist: F/LOR  – Album: Edges – Limited Edition CD 100 copies Bandcamp

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“Collected In The Dust” now available !

don nino COLLECTED_artwork
We are glad to announce that the 31 tracks are now available on our Bandcamp. Taken from demotapes, recordings for other labels (Doki Doki, Acuarela), studio sessions with other musicians (Shane Aspegren, Lori Chun Berg, Luke Sutherland, Mitch Pirès, Ludovic Morillon), or solo stuff, this new release is the expression of a research and sensitivity over the course of fifteen years, and represent an outlet sort of to the current state of music production.

Don Niño will be back in January with 31 unreleased or rare songs

Collected in The Dust is a clear title for Don Niño’s new album. Selected over the course of fifteen years of activity by the french singer Songwriter, the recordings are a fine selection of studio unreleased songs, covers, soundtracks or demos. Release date January 24th, 2018.