New video For NLF3, HI!

Directed by Céline Guillerm.


We are happy to release the eighth album by NLF3, entitled “ABCDEFG HI!”. CD and LP look different. Digital too.
Find them where you want, you always have our Bandcamp here
The band also have a new video for track “B” over there.
Take care.
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Stream ABCDEFG HI! the new album by NLF3

First track from the new NLF3 album ABCDEFG HI!

NLF3 new release is postponed to August 21st.

The release of ABCDEFG HI!, the new album by NLF3, is postponed to August 21st, 2020. For now the band is composing new tracks and producing a new video.
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NLF3 celebrates twenty years of their adventure with a new live soundtrack and a new album

We are pleased to announce two upcoming events: a new live creation from NLF3 on the film Menschen am Sonntag (Men on Sunday), the premiere will take place at the Auditorium du Louvre on March 06, 2020, as well as the release of their new album ABCDEFG HI! May 22, 2020, celebrates the twentieth anniversary of their adventure.

RVB de base


NLF3 is currently composing a new live soundtrack on Menschen am Sonntag by Robert Siodmak and Edgar G. Ulmer.
Premiere will take place at Auditorium du Louvre, March 6th of 2020.


Don Nino back for shows in France. F/lor resident at 104 Paris.

Don Nino is back for a short September tour in France, accompanying himself on the electric guitar and projecting a video.
22.09.2019 : TINCQUES – Fest. We Hate RocknRoll #5 info
26.09.2019 : PARIS – kOOL BIRDS #8 @ Cinémorphe info
Cinémorphe 10 rue Bichat 75010 PARIS + Jason Glasser
28.09.2019 : MARSEILLE – Data > info


F/Lor will be resident at Paris’ 104, to create a new set up for his piece Fragments. He will perform October 5th.
> info here

Visuel FLOR Fragments small