Great bill includes EMMANUELLE PARRENIN, Quartet SHANE ASPEGREN / NICOLAS LAUREAU / JEROME LORICHON / QUENTIN ROLLET and ECHOES : ETIENNE JAUMET /NICOLAS VILLEBRUN. Early Bird ticket = 10 euros !!! August 29th. @ Marbrerie de Montreuil. FR. Yeah.

PACÔME GENTY’s back with an awesome single : SAINT ELMO !

Available here.  Album pre-orders on our bandcamp.

F/LOR releases early Bass guitar works on Ouvré !

Beautiful tracks from 1999 post-Prohibition / Pre -NLF3 , based on Bass guitar and looping pedals only.
« Sept petits coins de Lumière ! », selected with artist & long-time collaborator Gabrielle Manglou.
Available here ONLY.