kOOL BIRDS & Ouvré, Prohibited Records co-founders side projects

Prohibited Records co-founders Nicolas ‘Don Nino’ and Fabrice Laureau ‘F/lor’ have both their side project in terms of musical activism.
While Nicolas books his kOOL BIRDS shows once a month in flats or original spaces, mainly in Pantin (close to Paris), Fabrice runs his own DIY and handcrafted record label Ouvré.
Read more about kOOL BIRDS and Ouvré at the ARTISTS section.

Daemon Lover by DON & FRANÇOIZ

Here comes the new single and its video by DON & FRANÇOIZ. “Daemon Lover”, this Shocking Blue cover,  is the new excerpt from “Cover Songs In Inferno”. The duet have crafted themselves this animated movie.
linksvideo on youtube

NLF3 announces new album for 2024

The annual NLF3 meeting went well. There will be a sequel to the ABCDEG HI! album, that was released in Lockdown. That’s for next year and that’s JOY.

NLF3 reveal a short film shot at Microbe Studios, back in 2008

That was when NLF3 recorded and crafted the album “Ride On A Brand New Time”.
Bernard Roelandt made this shot-edited film while the trio was creating the album – some manufacturing secrets and one unreleased track !

DON & FRANÇOIZ’ LPs & CDs at the office : enjoy !!


Available on preorder at bandcamp