Don Niño – The Keyboard Songs

Ref : PRO056 CD / Release date :2016, March 4th
Keeping in mind the idea of perpetual transformation, the singer-songwriter took the necessary time to form and breathe life into the ten titles, restricting himself to composing on piano and using mainly keyboards for the final versions. The Pleyel piano is often foremost, but supported by a vintage analogue synth like the Logan String or a Korg preset that oscillate slowly like snakes. Out went the guitars and in came the inimitable touch of American drummer Shane Aspegren (Ohia, The Berg Sans Nipple, Bright Eyes…), giving the original beat tracks the groove and elasticity they needed.
1. That Kind Of Light
2. My Invisible Tattoos
3. Airplane Song
4. Like A Cat
5. Wings
6. The Death Of Jean Seberg
7. Final Sight
8. Not A Crime
9. I’ll Never Let You Go Too Far
10. Me & The Devil (bonus)

Don Nino