NLF3 – Waves of Black And White

“Waves Of Black And White” was recorded in the Spring of 2016 in the countryside of Normandy/France and will be released in March 2017. It was conceived under the aegis of Aristotle “Nature makes nothing in vain”. Three friends in a wooden room with recording gear, varied instruments and very spontaneous composition is their way of doing since their debut in 2000. Succeeding to their ‘Pink Renaissance’ LP released in 2014 and returning into a certain minimalism, the trio subtracts some ornamentation and refines its instrumental, spacious and original abstract-rock, recognizable among others. In search of a reconciled harmony with the order of nature, cycles and renewals, water and fire forge some underlying patterns. Between euphoria and melancholy, divagations and lulls, NLF3 explore the time of world’s childhood, through imaginary continents and preserved landscapes. With precision and fluidity, these twelve compositions wind up in their mixture of pulses and melodies in weightlessness where enter electrified kalimbas, sparkling drones and gongs. As an invitation to travel and wonder…