Label : Ouvré

Ouvré is F/LOR aka Fabrice Laureau ‘s handmade label. A serie of limited edition of 7 /10 inch or CDs crafted by Fabrice himself.

References :
F/LOR “Edges” CD
Jérôme Lorichon & Quentin Rollet “Elephantasme / Et Les Fantasmes” 7 inch vinyl
Don Nino “Oh Small World / Alone With The Sun” 7 inch vinyl
Shane Aspegren & Jérôme Lorichon “Path Trough Infinite Body” 7 inch vinyl
Dominique Petitgand “En-tê-te” 7 inch vinyl
Jason Glasser & Jérôme Lorichon “The War / Rose Rock” 7 inch vinyl
Don Nino “Typha Latifolia / I like This And I Like That” 7 inch vinyl
F/LOR “Rituel d’Eau / Rituel de Chasse” 7 inch vinyl
F/LOR “Fragments” 7 inch vinyl
F/LOR “Cinq Miniatures Dans Un Espace Immense” 7 inch vinyl
RAD “Magenta. Cyan. White” 10 inch vinyl

Find the whole catalog at Ouvré Bandcamp