New NLF3 video : D, taken from ABCDEFG HI!

« With NLF3, we made this animation video for “D” from ABCDEFG HI!. The album was released in 2020, precisely in the terrible conditions that you can imagine… A unique gig in the back yard of Eden, in Pantyne city of lights, October 2020. As a result, this clip remained in the drawers, it’s about the resurrection of the Kachinas… Enjoy ! Besos »

Kizmiaz by don & françoiz

Here comes the first single Kizmiaz, The Cramps cover by don & françoiz, from the Cover Songs In Inferno album.
Françoiz sings “Take a magic carpet to the olden days / To a mythical land where everybody lays / Around in the clouds in a happy daze In Kizmiaz… Kizmiaz” on Don Nino’s idiosyncrastic music.
Spring joy !
Credits : vocals & artwork by Françoiz Breut. All instruments by Don Nino. Recorded and produced by Don Nino


Cover Songs In Inferno : artwork and tracklist !

We are so glad to reveal the artwork and tracklist for the album Cover Songs in Inferno, by don & françoiz, collaboration between Don Nino and Françoiz Breut.
The album will be released as CD, LP and Digital 26th May 2023 (L’Autre Distribution), and it’s already available on pre-order at our Bandcamp.

Cover Songs in Inferno by don & françoiz

Planet Caravan (Black Sabbath)
My Face Is On Fire (Felt)
Oh My Son (Don Nino)
Kizmiaz (The Cramps)
Dæmon Lover (Shocking Blue)
Morning Dew (Bonnie Dobson)
Southside Of The World (Bonnie “Prince” Billy)
Season Of The Witch (Donovan)
Shangri-La (The Kinks)
White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane)

Band picture by Norma Prendergast. Album artwork by Françoiz Breut.

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PR France : Marc Chonier — marc.chonier @

Don Nino + Françoiz Breut = don & françoiz

We’re glad to announce a new collaboration between Don Nino and French singer Françoiz Breut, for a cover songs album to be released in spring 2023.
The track listing and artwork will soon be revealed !! And the album is entitled ” Cover songs in inferno”.

LP PR O061 “Scaring The Mice For Revenge” by Shane Aspegren / Nicolas Laureau / Jérôme Lorichon / Quentin Rollet – is here


Release party of the album “SCARING THE MICE FOR REVENGE” by Shane Aspegren / Nicolas Laureau / Jérôme Lorichon / Quentin Rollet at LA MARBRERIE, Montreuil, 09.09.2022.w/ Guests COSMIC NEMAN + F/LOR

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Album pre-orders CD / LP / DGTL


We are glad to announce that the kOOL BIRDS gigs are back. On the 10th of July, we will set up at PANTIN’ new place la BUTINERIE, with shows by F/LOR and PACÔME GENTY. Address : 32 rue de l’Ancien canal 93500 Pantin. 5 € & more. 5 PM – 8 PM.
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Don Nino back at Paris’ Petit Bain. July 1st of 2022.

Don Nino will be performing with his “Beautiful Cloud” band : Pacôme Genty, and former Prohibition members, Quentin Rollet, Ludovic Morillon and Fabrice Laureau at Petit Bain, Paris, July 1st. They share the bill with Mellano Soyoc, new project by Olivier Mellano and Kas Product’ singer Mona Soyoc.

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